Remote working. Is your business ready?

Can you access email, documents and applications whilst working from home or out of the office? Can you your employees take business phone calls whilst working remotely?

Remote working. Is your business ready?

With the importance of business as usual during this potentially difficult time, and discussions of restrictions or employees working from home, its good to review how your business could cope in these circumstances.

OBN provide secure, reliable technology to enable employees to work from home or remotely. We can move fast and migrate existing systems into cloud based secure solutions within days.

Our core services include..

  • Google G Suite - Enterprise Email, Document Storage, Meeting & Chat and much more
  • VoIP Telephone - Enabling business landline calls to be answered in any location
  • Anti Virus and Malware - If employees are working from home, we can provide security software to ensure personal computers are secure.
  • Broadband & Internet - We can review and offer options to upgrade slower performing broadband connections
  • Secure VPN to your office - Where you have applications on servers we can setup secure VPN's to the office from remote locations including homes to enable access to company applications.

Call today for a free review, which can be performed remotely or onsite. 

OBN are a technology company based in Rickmansworth and Central London. We cover businesses across the UK, talk to our UK based friendly team today on 0800 011 9 777 or email


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