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What is a SSL Certificate?

You know when a website has a SSL certificate because it uses https (same as the banks/major websites use) instead of http, and it shows the green padlock and “secure” message.

This shows that the information you send and receive on the site is encrypted. OBN are a partner of GlobalSign one of the biggest SSL signing authorities on the internet, they authorise and issue certificates that secure sites and we can display a “secured by” message on your website.

Why do I need a SSL Certificate?

a) Certificates make your site more reputable, its been validated by a trusted authority on the internet.

b) If you take payments then it gives your customers confidence to enter payment details.

c) If you want to improve your search ranking then it will help (Google uses this as an identifier and may well promote your site above others because yours is secure).

d) It helps build a “we can be trusted” relationship with a customer, when you see the site is secure you know your personal information can not be intercepted when your filling out a form or making a payment, and also that you have been verified by a trusted authority.

How can OBN help?

We can offer four types of certificate starting from just £90 up to £340 per year for the most verified certificate. We additionally offer setup and configuration services to make it easy to implement, and support if you have any issues.

Contact us today to discuss your website security, either by phone, email or live chat.


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