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Cloud storage solutions for UK business
What is Cloud Storage?
Cloud Storage means storing your files and data on a server in a data centre instead of storing your files on your computer or on a server in the office.

There are many benefits to this approach, your data is securely stored and backed up automatically, your data can be shared easily with colleagues or to clients/suppliers in a secure way and finally it has unlimited storage potential.

Many businesses were concerned about speed and performance of moving to the cloud, but most of the solutions we offer behave in a way that it feels like the data is on your computer already, no more lag time when opening a document.

Moving to the cloud enables your business to access your data and files from any device, including PC’s, Laptops, Tablets and even Phones.
One major advantage of Cloud Storage is that data is backed up off-site every day, and most solutions have innovative technology that allows you to go back to previous revisions of files throughout the day.
Cloud Storage enables your business to operate seamlessly from any location. Even if your travelling, most of our solutions also allow for a off-line copy to be stored on your computer for times when you don’t have access to the internet.
The storage is infinity scalable, enabling your business to store as much or as little data as required. One of the main benefits of cloud storage is the amount of data you can store, and some services we offer have unlimited storage as standard.
Cloud storage enables enhanced security, data is stored automatically in an encrypted format, and access controls ensure your data is only available to the right staff members.
One of the concerns about moving to the cloud used to be the speed of your current internet connection, but these days most solutions have innovative technology to make cloud storage feel like your accessing data as if it was in the office.
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Moving to the cloud
Our team of UK based IT experts make it easy to migrate to the cloud, we have nearly 10 years of experience of this way of working. We also provide on-going support should you require any help. Working with the major providers of secure and reliable storage solutions, we can help any business achieve requirements in this area.
We identify the right storage solution for your business, focussing on how you work
We can migrate your data and train your business team on the storage solution
We provide UK based on-going support as standard with our services
Which solutions do we use?
Google G Suite
OBN are Google approved cloud partners, and this solution enables unlimited storage on our business plan. Providing all the key features of cloud storage the G Suite option also provides enterprise email, document editing and collaboration and much more.
Egnyte provides a reliable and scalable storage solution for business teams, but add additional benefits of integration to Google G Suite, Office 365, SAP, Adobe, Confluence, Slack, Zapier and many more.
AWS & Rackspace
As an alternative to moving to the cloud for storage, we also offer cloud backup services using Rackspace and AWS. This provides businesses a way of securely storing there data off site from existing Microsoft, Apple and Linux computers and servers and storing the information securely in the cloud.