Data Backups & Recovery

Secure & Monitored Backups

Protect Important Business Data, On-Site or Off-Site

Do you backup your data?

Many businesses backup data either sporadically or assume its backed up because they are using the cloud, can you afford to loose your business data?

Disaster Recovery

Our on-site and off-site secure data backup services ensure should the worst happen we can recover your business data quickly and with minimum down time.

Encrypted Backups

As standard all our backup services have encryption turned on by default. This ensures your data is protected outside your place of business.

Off-site Secure Backups

Our off-site backup service stores your business data in a secure encrypted environment. We can locate this in the UK, EU or USA depending on your preferences.

On-site Backups

Reliable and secure on-site backups can be setup to Network Attached Storage (NAS) or External Drives if preferred. These can still be monitored remotely to ensure successful backups.

Monitored Backups

Our off-site backup service and on-site backup services come with remote monitoring (on-site is optional). Ensuring your business data is being backed up should the worst happen.


Go Back in Time

Our smart backup solution can go back in time, with multiple backup options to allow you to restore to a specific date.

Security as Standard

Our backup solution uses encryption and passwords to protect your data. This is offered as standard helping you remain complaint with new legislation like GDPR.

Compression to Save Space

Our smart technology uses compression and also only backups changes to files to reduce the size and space required to backup data.

Remote Monitoring

We can monitor all backups remotely, our team of IT specialists receive reports daily on backup activity which highlights any issues that need to be resolved.

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Reliable & Monitored Backups

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Off-Site Monitored Backups
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