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Secure your IT Equipment, Protect your Services and Business Data

Secure Your Environment

Is your environment secure? not sure? contact us to discuss an audit of your IT infrastructure. We can identify security issues and remedy.

Protect Your Data

With the introduction of GDPR brining more focus on data security many businesses are asking how secure is our data. Our experts can guide you through protecting your data.

Expert Advice

Security is one of the most concerning area's of IT for a business. Our professional IT team will guide and advise you using plain english rather than confuse with technical language.

Anti Virus / Malware

Protect your computers, laptops and mobile devices with professional Anti Virius, Anti Malware and Cyber Security products. Reduce risk, protect your environment today.

Data Encryption

Professional whole disk encryption, portable disk and USB data stick encryption or email encryption. We have the tools to ensure your data is fully encrypted and protected. Reduce your exposure to data loss and GDPR non-compliance.

Network Security

Protect your IT Network and WIFI Networks, seperate business networks with public or guest WIFI. We can provide full network security services that keep your environment safe, but accessable.


IT Security Review

Our IT Consultants have experience with Windows, Apple Mac and Linux enviroments. We can review your environment to identify issues.

IT Security Support

Our IT services including IT support for general IT issues as well as IT security issues are available 24/7 if required. Contact us today to see how we can help.

ESET Partner

OBN are an ESET Partner and are kept fully informed and upto date with the latest IT Security news and best practices.

Fully Insured

We are a fully insured IT company, and an established business with over 10 years of serving customers. 

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