FAST & Reliable Web Servers

UK & Europe Based, 24/7 Monitored and Backed Up

Our Servers

OBN operate fast hosting based in the UK, US and Europe. Our servers are managed and maintained by OBN staff and we can host your website in the best location for your customers.

Server Support

We can support all types of server, but our primary expertise is with Linux web hosting. All websites hosted with us come with support for running the website.

Server Maintenance

Maintenance is critical for any server, ensuring the latest software packages are running ensure effieciency and security of the server. OBN can provide server maintenance on clients servers in addition to our own servers.

Wordpress & Concrete5 Hosting

Our website hosting platform is ideal for Wordpress and Concrete5 CMS packages. We have over 10 years experience hosting these types of websites on our servers.

Magento & WooCommerce Hosting

We have been hosting eCommerce websites for over 10 years. Our experienced team can help you run your web shop, so the customer experience is fast and secure.

Web Application Hosting

We can host any type of website application (SaaS), our team build website applications and host them to ensure data is secure, the service runs fast and scales with demand.

SSL Certificates

We also can provide SSL secure certificates with our hosting packages.

This means that visitors will see https and a padlock in the browser.

Monitored and Supported

We monitor all websites hosted with us 24/7 with automated alerts that tell us of any issues.

We can fully support all websites hosted with us, and answer any questions you have.

Automated Backups

As standard we backup all websites nightly, but we can increase the frequency as required.

For example an eCommerce shop or web application may require more frequent backups.

Scale-able Servers

Our hosting is designed to scale as your website receives more traffic and gets busier.

This flexible approach to our infrastructure means your website is always running at optimal speeds.

Website Hosting Packages

Basic Hosting

From £120 per year

Wordpress/Concrete5 or Static HTML

Non Transactional Websites

24/7 Monitored

Nightly Backups

Unlimited Support


Web Applications


Custom Website Applications

Complex Large Websites

24/7 Monitored

Nightly Backups

Unlimited Support