Web App Development

Custom Website Applications

Scalable, Unique and Customised to your Requirements

Unique Applications

We can build any type of web application you require. Our experienced team of developers some with over 20 years experience in building systems can help your vision become a reality.

Designed from the ground up, we can develop your look and feel, your functionality and connect to other systems as required.

Scalable & Reliable

We design applications to be able to scale to any size. Our infrastructure also includes full monitoring of the application so we are able to identify issues quickly and resolve them.

Building on the Laravel framework allows us to ensure reliability, and flexibility as well.


We provide full on-going support when you need it so you have a reliable, trusted provider helping you in supporting your application and developing it as it grows.

OBN - Experienced Website Application Developers

We have been designing, building, re-developing and hosting web applications for nearly a decade. Our website designers have vast experience in creating all types of websites for businesses.

Our app development service is built on real world experience of building our own web applications (e.g. Black ICE CRM) which are scalable, enterprise ready and reliable.

We primarily develop using PHP and the Laravel framework, all work is completed to a high standard and tested by prior to going live. We provide full ongoing support for your application as well.

Web App Development